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Introduction What you need to learn

You might as well get the end of the book right away: A driving licence in itself cannot make you a good driver. A driving licence is initially proof that you've passed your driving test and that you've been taught and understand the basic rules. As you become more experienced, you will become better at handling unexpected situations and understanding traffic in general. As a driver, you have a great responsibility at all times because the vast majority of accidents are caused by human error. It is approximately with these words that this theory book ends. But first, there's a lot you need to learn.

Good knowledge

In reality, it is the Danish Road Safety Agency that decides what you need to learn in driving school. The Danish Road Safety Agency has drawn up a syllabus that describes exactly what you need to know in order to take and pass your driving test. Both you and your driving instructor are responsible for ensuring that the lessons are organised according to the syllabus. You can find the syllabus in the theory room.

The six overarching goals of the curriculum are to give you.

  • Insight into and understanding of the dangers and difficulties that you as a driver encounter in traffic, but also knowledge of traffic rules and other legal regulations that are important in this context.
  • Such knowledge of the car and its operation that you can recognise deficiencies that affect safety.
  • Understanding some of the human factors related to driving behaviour. This understanding should enhance your abilities, counteract your limitations and otherwise help you anticipate others' difficulties in traffic.
  • Ability to critically assess traffic and drive the car without endangering yourself or others.
  • Attitudes to become a considerate and responsible road user.
  • Finally, to teach you about the plight of vulnerable road users.

This book is based on the Danish Road Safety Agency's syllabus, so you should learn most of what is written on the following pages. A small part of it is knowledge material, but most of it you should learn so well that you can use it in traffic and directly in both the theoretical and practical driving test.

You can read more about driver training and the driving test in section 10.

Danish Driving Instructor Union
where you can find more information on how to become a driving instructor.

The Danish Transport Authority 
on topics such as traffic and politics, as well as projects and exciting research in the field.

Danish Road Safety Agency 
Here you can find driver's licence applications, companion forms, lesson plans and more.

Road Directorate 
Here you can, for example, find all traffic signs and read more about road markings. In winter, you can read about the weather situation on the roads.

Council for Safe Traffic 
where you can read more about current campaigns, among other things.

United Danish Motor Owners 
the motorists' own organisation, offers plenty of advice.

So there is a lot of information beyond what you can read in this book, but it's the content here and your instructor's teaching that will help you understand and learn everything you need to become a good driver and pass your driving test.


Driving school theory book for category B Edition 8, 5th edition July 2017
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The driving school's Theory Book for ordinary cars is prepared in accordance with the current syllabus for category B driving training.
It covers the syllabus that needs to be reviewed and learnt in order to prepare for both the theoretical and practical parts of the driving test for ordinary cars. Special attention has been paid to an instructive and easy-to-understand format that will facilitate your path to a driving licence.

Published by Køreskolemateriale ApS (Company under the Danish Driving Instructor Union) and Drive4you A/S

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